Road Trip’in

16 days, 6 destinations, 1 car… and around 50 burgers

I always new it was going to be intense, but wheres the fun in going away to relax?

Back in August I embarked on a 16 day road trip around the east of Canada, a country with the biggest sky and most dramatic landscapes I’ve ever seen. We started our trip with a direct flight to Montreal in the provonce of Quibec for a quick stop – sleep, eat, grab a car and go. Back on the road for another 13 hours we finally arrived at our first destination Saguenay Fjord National Park the kinda place you would imagine when you picture Canada. Lakes that expand as oceans and forests that roll on for as far as the eye can see. 

Activewear is essential – and although Lululemon is a Canadian brand don’t reply on buying it out there if you traveling this far. Traveling this far away from the major cites we drive though tiny towns consisting of a single bakery, convenience store and post office. The forst swollows you while creating the most beautiful feeling of isolation. Allowing you to take in only what is around you.

We continued to roam around the Quebec the French influenced region of Canada stopping in Mont-Tremblant. Pretty much the middle of no where. A river ran by the back of our house where we swam and kayaked all day stopping only when the sun eventually fell to roast marshmallows in the back yard. We stopped off through Quebec city and Montreal eventually leading to Toronto an edgy city with great street street food and art scene . From here we drove to Niagara Falls, a must see, just prepare yourself for the serious tourist fast food restaurants and theme parks that surround it. Make sure you stop off at Niagara on the lake on the drive there, beautiful picture perfect town full with fresh fruit and home make wine sold on the side of the road.

Canada has a huge land mass and I only really scratched the surface. Pack as much activewear as possible and spend as much time as you can outside, swimming in lakes and cooking alfresco. Nothing in the world can capture the size and beauty of the landscapes but I hope these images give you some inspiration.


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