The London Bag Edit

‘You should never go in a ladies handbag’ – this is unless she wants to show you.

A quick look through my bag and all the essentials being a fashion student in London…

Firth things first lets start with the bag its self and the newest edition to my wardrobe. The Saint Laurent Cabas Rive Gauche grained leather tote is pretty much perfect to me in terms of bags. It’s currently my go to on days that I’m doing a mixture of things running between the library, Berwick street for fabrics and most likely stopping off at liberty on the way. The bag comes in a small and medium size and after much deliberating I went for the medium, and yes I would 100% recommend spending extra for the bigger size. Now although I know it depends what you need it for I always feel like a top handle bag like this is proportioned to be a larger size while anything on a long strap looks nicer in a smaller size.

The bag has one exterior pocket at the back which I find is great for quickly shoving my phone and oyster card in, just being careful to keep this side flat against my body at all times. While the inside has one large zip closure pocket and two smaller open pockets that can easily fit an iPhone 6. The bag has a nice structures shape and comes with a longer strap which is something I have found a lot more useful then I expected. This is especially handy while trying to carry to much food because I didn’t want to pay another 5p for a bag; anyone else feel my struggle? Inside is a nice soft suede and although I purchased mine in a nude colour its pretty easy to clean with a wet wipe. They come in a range of colours at different times of the year so if you were thinking about putting all your hard earned money into an investment accessory look no further than Saint Laurent.

Now this is where the contents of my bag may differ from others. I am someone who is pretty much always on the go in a constant rotation of work and university where I study Contour design – lingerie and swimwear for anyone that doesn’t know.






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